NAGDU Advocacy

NAGDU is dedicated to protecting the rights of guide dog users, addressing critical issues such as rideshare denials, flying with guide dogs, and ensuring access to public places like hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.


NAGDU acknowledges that guide dog users continue facing discrimination by Rideshare drivers when traveling with their guide dogs. When you or someone you are traveling with experience a denial by a Rideshare driver, there are three things that should be done.

  1. File a complaint with the Rideshare company, giving them as many details as possible about the ride in question and the denial.
  2. Complete the Rideshare Discrimination Survey that the National Federation of the Blind developed.
  3. File a complaint with the Department of Justice, giving them as many details as possible about the Rideshare denial.

Uber App Accessibility

The NFB continues working with Uber regarding the accessibility challenges faced by blind users who use VoiceOver on iPhones and TalkBack on Android devices. Uber is committed to addressing these issues and has created a feedback page. If you experience any accessibility challenges from either iPhone or Android devices, please fill out the Uber app feedback form on Uber’s help site. Please note, it is best if you are already signed into your Uber account before viewing the feedback page. If you follow the feedback page link and it does not display properly, sign into your Uber account, then refresh the page.


According to the Air Carrier Access Act, (ACAA), you may or may not be required to fill out an attestation form from the Department of Transportation when flying with your guide dog. While the official form can be downloaded directly from the DOT, airlines will often offer their own versions of this form using their own letterhead. Because some airlines require you to email them the form, others require you to upload it to their website, and others still ask you to bring the printed form with you, there are too many variables. On January 29, 2024, the NFB filed a petition with the FAA to exempt blind passengers from any requirements to complete attestation forms to travel by air with their guide dogs. Shortly thereafter, the Office of the Secretary of Transportation asserted authority over that petition, and its docket was moved from the FAA to Docket DOT-OST-2024-0014 in that office.

Because of our tremendous work over the past few weeks, both the Senate and House of Representatives passed H.R. 3935 with overwhelming bipartisan support keeping all of the accessibility provisions intact. On May 16, 2024, President Biden signed H.R. 3935 into law, beginning the implementation process of these vital accessibility provisions for blind air travelers.

Specific accessibility provisions in H.R. 3935 that benefit blind and disabled air travelers include: 


  • Training requirements for assisting passengers with disabilities.
  • Better access standards for the accessibility of in-flight entertainment.
  • Improved access to airline websites.
  • Initiates a pilot program for air passengers to register their service animal, eliminating the need to complete the service animal forms for each flight.